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Buy Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds Online Europe Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds For Sale Europe Argyreia nervosa for sale UK. We know little about the use of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds in particular as a traditional medicine. But interestingly, its sister plants, Rivea corymbosa (ololiuqui) and Ipomoea tricolor (tlitliltzin) are well-known. The chemical components of these three species are very similar.


Argyreia nervosa or Elephant creeper is a perennial climbing vine. Although regarded as an invasive species, it is certainly a beautiful plant. People believe it is native to India, but now it grows in other areas such as Hawaii, Africa and the Caribbean.

In the proper environment, the vine can reach a height of 10 meters. The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose has large trumpet-shaped leaves with velvet-like hairs. The flowers are purple in color, fading to a lovely lavender color towards the opening of the flower. The furry seeds are inside the seedpods. Typically, there are four to six seeds in each pod.


  • Seeds of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa)

Effects Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

The effects of the Hawaiian Baby woodrose are caused by the ergoline alkaloid LSA, this substance is chemically similar to LSD. D-lysergic acid amide (LSA) is a compound naturally found in certain plants. The effects are:

  • Hallucination
  • Relaxing

Use Of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

Buy Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds Online Europe. To get the best effects from the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose you should prepare the seeds in a certain way. There are several methods of doing this. Here on the Erowid website you can find a relative easy way of doing this.

Some people simply eat the seeds and chew on them for a while, but this will give some unpleasant side-effects such as nausea, vomiting or other unpleasant effects during the trip.

To grow the plants, simply soak the seeds and let them sprout. When the sprout is 2 cm, you can put them in regular soil about 5 cm deep. Do not place the plants in direct sunlight. The best time to do this is in April.


  • Do not use together with Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) or other MAOi (anti-depressives).
  • Do not use when pregnant
  • Do not operate heavy machinery.
  • Do not participate in traffic
  • Do not use when you and/or your family has a history of mental illness.

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has made a risk assessment and warns to not consume these seeds. Weed For Sale

The following text comes from the RIVM:

The use of these seeds is unsafe. They can cause hallucinogenic effects, nausea, vomiting, elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, (severe) fatigue and lethargy. These health effects can occur even when the seeds are consumed at the recommended dose. This is the conclusion of a risk assessment performed by RIVM. Buy Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds Online Europe


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