SPECTRA NOIR – Chocolate Mixed Flavors 2000MG

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Buy SPECTRA NOIR – Bullion w/ Mixed Flavors | 2000MG

These handcrafted, rich, chocolate bars are available simply as a dark chocolate piece, or with nuts, fruits and berries. Each piece is filled with 2000mg of magical psychedelic delights (p.cubensis).

buy SPECTRA NOIR – Chocolate Online Europe

buy SPECTRA NOIR – Chocolate Online Europe SPECTRA NOIR – Chocolate mixed flavors 2000mg For Sale UK. At the best quality andprices

SPECTRA NOIR – Chocolate 2000mg

4 x 400mg | 2000mg

1 bar with 5 pieces/box

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Cubensis, (Berries/Nuts/Fruits) Weed For Sale UK


Other Flavors Available:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate with mixed nuts
  • Dark chocolate with mixed fruit
  • Dark chocolate with mixed berries

Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with nuts, Dark Chocolate with Fruits, Dark Chocolate with Berries


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